Bryan Smart Racing training facilities

Hambleton House facilities

Situated in The North Yorkshire Moors National Park we are fortunate to have a relaxed and healthy environment in which the horses can be trained. The original yard dates back to the 17th century and is still in excellent condition with many of the stables containing the stone feed mangers at one end where it was said the grooms used to sleep with their horses. Most of the older horses are stabled in the main yard which can be viewed directly from the kitchen window.

The horsewalker, which is situated in the middle of the yard within a grassy quadrangle, is kept busy in the mornings and at evening stables. Adjacent to the main yard is the indoor barn where we stable most of the fillies and some geldings. Two further yards are situated to the rear of the main yard where most of the 2 year olds are stabled. There is a second horsewalker in the back yard that we use just for the 2 year olds in order to reduce the risk of disease being passed from one horse to another.

In 2008, we constructed a state of the art indoor barn which stables most of the colts.

We have two tack rooms, a racing tack room, feed room and storage/rug room and a wash room which is constantly in action.

We have our own cold water jacuzzi that is very useful for treating numerous conditions including sore shins, filled legs, puffy joints etc. and most of the horses take to this very well.

All the stables and surrounding buildings are securely protected by our top spec CCTV system.

The all-weather gallop is situated adjacent to the yard and climbs gently up hill for 6 furlongs to the top of the 'low moor'. There is also a 'loop' or canter circuit which can be very useful for exercising the horses on days when they are not doing fast work or for general fittening work. In December 2012 we completely refurbished the all weather gallop improving the drainage and laying new membrane and woodfibre for the entire gallop. The gallop has also been widened so that it is now possible to work three horses upsides with greater comfort.

There is a 5 furlong grass gallop that runs alongside the all weather and in addition the 84 acres of moorland on which the property is situated is often used as a valuable exercise for freshening a horse up.

We have now added a 1 furlong all weather trot/canter track which is adjacent to the main yard and is an excellent exercise for warming up the horses or for those that are on steady work only. It is extremely useful for educating the youngsters and teaching them to canter on both reins.

The yearlings are ridden around the trot/canter track and the moor as part of their early education and it is great way to teach horses how to carry themselves.

There is an indoor school for exercising the horses when the weather is particularly harsh and for breaking horses in and general schooling.

There are numerous paddocks and pens for turning horses out during the summer months. It is wonderful to see how well the horses relax if they are turned out on a regular basis, often with a companion so that they can interact with each other in a natural way.

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