Bryan Smart Racing Training Facilities

Hambleton House Facilities

Hambleton House boasts first class facilities with private training grounds in an idyllic location within the North York Moors National Park. The yard has an abundance of racing history with many original features from the 17th Century still in existence. Including the stone feed mangers where it was said grooms used to sleep with their horses!

Stables:  We have a combination of traditional and American barn style stables that provide large airy spaces with natural airflow for the horses to reside in.

Horsewalkers:  Two covered horsewalkers with rubber matting provide controlled exercise for up to 5 horses at a time including warming up and cooling down before/after exercise and light exercise for those recovering from injury.

Gallops:  We are fortunate to have our own private gallops situated adjacent to the yard which require no road work or boxing up to gain access. The all-weather Woodfibre gallop has a canter circuit on the approach and then climbs gently uphill for 6 furlongs which allows for use together or separately depending on the type of training each horse is undergoing. There is also an exclusive 5 furlong grass gallop running alongside the all-weather. Next to the main yard is a 1 furlong all-weather trot/canter loop which is excellent for warming up, light exercise or educating youngsters. We also have 84 acres of moorland which provide a valuable exercise space for freshening a horse up.  

Starting Stalls:  With our own 3 bay starting stalls we are able to educate youngsters how to break well from the stalls and incorporate stalls training within each horses regime. 

Therapy and Rehabilitation:  With our own on-site physiotherapist, cold water jacuzzi spa and solarium stable we are able to provide horses-in-training with individual therapy and rehabilitation programs. The jacuzzi spa is very useful for treating a wide range of conditions including sore shins, filled legs, puffy joints plus various other leg conditions/injuries. The solarium stable provides a relaxed environment for the horses to be groomed in or receive physiotherapy to keep them in top condition all-year round.

Weigh Scales:  Our horse-weigh scales accurately measure each horses weight with recordings being taken every Wednesday as well as before and after each horse races so that we can monitor their condition and fitness.

Paddocks:  We have numerous paddocks and pens for turning horses out in the summer months which provide a safe environment for them to relax and interact naturally with their companions in neighbouring paddocks, a great sight to see!

Performance Monitoring:  We use a state-of-the-art equinITy heart rate monitor which is incorporated into a lightweight girth to record GPS, stride length, heart rate, speed and recovery time during exercise. This enables us to monitor each horses performance and highlights any issues with potential health or fitness deterioration. The information is then transferred to the web-based programme for analysis in the office.

Security:   All the stables and surrounding buildings at Hambleton House are securely protected by our top spec CCTV system.

  • The Main Yard Stables

  • Main Horsewalker

  • Traditional Style Stables

  • 1 Furlong Trotting Ring

  • All weather gallops

  • Walking Back

  • Grass Gallops

  • Low Moor and Gallops

  • Top Moor Hay Making

  • Horse Weigh

  • Cold water spa

  • Paddocks for Summer Turnout

  • Field Friends!

  • EquinITy Performance Monitoring Technology